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Project of The Century – Turkish Water coming to Northern Cyprus

Απρίλιος 26, 2015

Για να μαθαίνουμε τι γίνεται απέναντι. Γιατί από βδομάδας θα είναι όλα στο παιγνίδι.


Project of The Century – Turkish

Water coming to Northern Cyprus

By Chris Elliott

When I republished recently an article from the TRNC Public Information Office click here about a statement by the Turkish DepuBulent Arincty Prime Minister Bulent Arinc  who said: “It’s all over, water reached Cyprus. Next step is to perform distribution and water management» I used the title » Turkish water has arrived in Northern Cyprus »  on our article and it had and continues to have massive readings.

Perhaps this is from so many people wanting to read good news of events about Northern Cyprus and perhaps those in denial not wanting to accept change.

Having noted the fantastic interest being shown for the water pipeline from Turkey to Northern Cyprus I sought help from the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Public Information Office to visit the Geçitköy Dam complex and they, in turn, contacted the…

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