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A “Last Christmas” run

Ιανουαρίου 17, 2017

Some of us are blissfully living away from it, some are already longing for it. Some less happy souls are still living in its time.

Jogging along the river this morning, I did my late Christmas run. A few people were there too. A group of them were wearing Santa hats; they gave a true festive meaning to their runs.

I was a little on the “heavy” side, the last two days were not very helpful. But still, I made it, and I was thinking that the small number of people doing that is slowly getting bigger year after year. Once again I met two school mates, they were walking but yes, they are now regulars.

Surely we are all hoping that it will not be our “Last Christmas” run I guess, ceteris paribus that is.

My audio system came up with this song, for a second week in a row. A difficult one, not many of you will enjoy, I know. Unless you were there when it was recorded.

(live Tom Waits / Herb Hardesty – Summertime / Burma Shave)

Oh, c’est la vie!


Facebook Dec 26, 2016 10:19am



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