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Under Nicosia’s roof

Μαΐου 27, 2017

Under Nicosia’s roof, people are walking. Life seems oblivious to the agenda of the bunch of the worried activists who met yet again.

Going to the pro-solution romantic gathering, I first stumbled upon a major let down. I was almost caught by a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses who were selling their faith. I escaped because they were apparently looking for younger souls, mine has already been condemned.

It was a lot of people today, it was a lovely Saturday morning, not too hot, we even had some clouds covering the sun towards the end, and we were all very disappointed.

We looked old and grumpy, even if we managed to smile when we realized that quite a few new faces made it for today’s event. And I smiled a lot when some people came towards me and introduced themselves. My current choice of haircut makes my presence unmistakable, and so I did meet some new virtual friends in person.

One of them, seventy year old, Mr Argyros was there too, and he came to greet me, walking slowly, carrying his stick.

I was moved, by the chance to know an unlikely FB user. I know it is people like him that could help nurture the post solution island, and I know that people like him will not be around for too long.

And I know that these gatherings are good for our sorrow and our consciousness, but little they can do any more.

Well, there is never any guarantee that things can be sorted, or in fact, sorted out in a nice way.

In our case it will not be the nicest way out.

And not many people realize that. Or actually, want to realize, if I may say so retrospectively, which in fact explains a lot.

On my way out the Jehovah’s Witnesses were still selling their faith, people were still walking and talking under Nicosia’s roof.
I heard people talking in Turkish too. They were not among the activists, just people, mainly young people strolling up and down Ledra Street.

And I thought that the hated status quo will in fact win in the end.

By then, people who could live better, will have to settle with less, people who could get back a part of their lives or wealth, will never be able to do so.

But the status quo will win.

Being the kind of guy who makes a point to see a glass as half full, rather than half empty, this is hard to say.

People will always keep walking under Nicosia’s roof.

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