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Ιουνίου 17, 2017


Hard to believe that the #UniteCyprusNow initiative has been going for a month now. It all started following a post by Esra Aygin despairing at what looked like yet another deadlock in the Cyprus reunification talks.

We gathered in Ledra Street/Lokmaci that evening of 18 May 2017 to express our frustration, refusing to remain idle and impotent as once more others determined the fate of our own land

We were not an organised group. Quite the opposite. We were a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and communities. But we had one thing in common, we were all Cypriots, whether by birth or by choice, and we all wanted a common country to share.

At first, there was awkwardness, a feeling of not knowing exactly what we were going to do and if our initiative could be anything other than a symbolic gesture.

Some expressed disappointment at how few of us were there on that first night.

For a minute I shared that disappointment.

For a minute, I wondered what possessed me, hardly a person one would describe as a rebel, to join such a demonstration.

But then I had my answer: I was following my conscience. I was standing up for what I thought right and it did not really matter to me, if ten or a hundred or a thousand other people were there with me.

What mattered to me was that I was there.

When I voiced this thought to the gathering, it seems that I struck a chord, a lot of other people must have fealt the same way, as you could sense a positive lifting of the mood.

What started out from desperation and frustration a month ago, has since taken a life of its own, and while still a protest has since also grown into a celebration. A celebration of our friendship and common dream for a reunited Cyprus.

Some have chosen to ignore us at first, then to ridicule us, then to attack us. Those that do not share our vision for the future have used all means to discredit and denounce us.

But they have not deterred us, they have not discouraged us.

We are still there.

Every day.

And we will continue to be there as long us it takes.


Beautifully written by one of the leading figures behind  these events Pavlos Nacouzi. Pictured here on the 16th of June 2017, with Mr Espen Barth Eide the UN’s last special representative on Cyprus.

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