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Close ups

Ιουνίου 26, 2017

Close ups usually give a better perspective. You can see detail, you can even see the small print, and you can expect to go to the bottom of things. Where there are no ifs and buts. Where it is make, or break.

So do wide angle views that show the larger context. The geopolitics as the politicians would call it.

Well, this is the time to go from wide angle to close up. And see if all of them want to play game. They all have a reason not to.

Apart from Mustafa, that is.

The Sultan can do what he pleases, he knows it, and he will in fact do as he pleases, either we manage to get him sign something, or not. The multiple idiots, who hate him most, simply don’t get the last bit. Oblivious in their “few, but pure” bliss they are in fact assisting him to do as he pleases. I hate him too, and I will still hate him, but I’d rather get him sign something.

Then, it is “our” motherland, trapped in an administration of incompetent so called ideologues, deep in their shitty struggle to avoid a prompt crashing electoral defeat, fully knowing that it is not to their best interest to create the framework for a comprehensive settlement for their complete set of problems, because if they dare open this chapter, their ageing propaganda might just collapse.

Then it is our man! He claims he is still on, fully committed to getting us the breakthrough we all want – or at least most of us who got him elected. He might be so brilliant, so sophisticated and still be 1000% pro-solution, at the same time employing all sorts of Byzantine or more likely middle eastern bazar kind of tactics to get his vision thorough.

All the best to him, although even if he cracks it in the end, it will be a hell of a job to come down with the foxy Averof and the benign Andros to sell the outcome to the voters.

I can promise and commit myself in helping him if that is the end.

If not, I wish us good luck.

It will be a highly unlikely outcome.

I will try to be away for a few days.

The photo from my garden is a proof that there is life. Beyond that.

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