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A distinctly not brave New World.

Ιουλίου 28, 2017

It is unbelievable that a whole month has already passed. Since that evening we reached the New World. The daughter was holding the premium seat near the window so she holds the credit for the picture.

It was a long trip from Strovolos to Manhattan. Lots of time for thinking/sleeping/watching movies. And it was the day that the conference regarding the future shaping of our country was beginning.

I was quite anxious being away at such an important period in the turbulent history of our little rock.

I was making plans as to how to make a statement to help a little, even from so far away. May be you remember this stupid photo in front of the statue of liberty with the #UniteCyprusNow sign held against my chest.

As the process went on I was utilizing modern technology to stay tuned, and the feelings were mixed. And I was on holiday, and I had to have a good time. At some point, and trying to defend myself against the endless demands of the kids, I went as far as to promise to my daughter that we would spend a whole day at the Luna Park in Coney Island if the Cyprus problem was solved during our stay.

A full month later it was not solved. The visit at Coney Island will probably never be done. Maybe that is not a surprise. We have been there before. What is more worrying though is that everything has also collapsed with this failure. My beliefs, my hopes, my respect to leaders – despite their faults, my strong argument that if something makes sense it will someday prevail – somehow.

We went for a holiday to the New World and we came back to a New but distinctly not brave World at home.


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