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The United Nations on the Tylliria events, August 1964

Αύγουστος 8, 2017

I am posting this article in English, since I believe it concerns more people than the Greek Cypriots who are mostly the victims of the state propaganda and have a completely distorted view of the events back then.

It concerns more than the GCs because this is history, and lacking a commonly accepted past, it is important for both sides (neither of which can claim the upper moral hand) to look at the most impartial sources if they are to understand the past and plan the future together.

Well, together, might be an overstatement at the moment…. But still.

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution after the Tylliria events which looked like this:


Please make a note of the principled stance of the USSR and its satellite, at the time, Czechoslovakia.

This was followed by the Report of the United Nations Secretary General U – Thant on the 10th of September.

You can read the full text cyprus-s-5950-1.pdf, and I urge you to do so. Not a nice reading for anybody adopting the simplistic view that Turkey is 100%  responsible for all the  evils, or that the GCs are all to blame.


The Report is a great document for anybody wanting to learn a bit about history. I have chosen some bits. Look how the UN described the issue of the freedom of movement before the events in Tylliria:


And then how the motherlands did their best:

Still getting worse:

Other incidents:


And then the full report on the incidents of Tylliria:

I guess you can even pinpoint the “intransigent “side during these days, right?

Trying to reach normality for more than half a century:

Missing persons? Back in 1964? You have to be joking!

And it wouldn’t stop:

In fact, it was getting worse:

RoC putting pressure on its own people:


And Turkey responding:

Well, this is not my narrative. It is the UN’s. And if you think that I have chosen bits that support my political views, do read the whole Report of SG of the time U- Thant.  You can find it cyprus-s-5950-1.pdf.

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