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On this day, a long time ago

Αύγουστος 15, 2017

So pleased to be at home on this so special day. The city is practically empty, because most people on the island are remembering the death of a woman of around my age on this day, many years ago.

She was a special woman, because due to a miracle she was married at around the age of my daughter today, to a man of the age of Roger Moore – if he was alive today.

More importantly, due to another miracle she got pregnant, giving birth to the son of god.

Well, since all official functions are on holiday today, the news bulletins and the news sites had to nurture some bits that can present themselves as headlines.

Espen made it into the top five with his official resignation. This received a lot of attention in the news sites and the lynch mob commentators, it even reached the attention of president Nikaros, who wished that we get another Espen the soonest possible.

Well, after listening and/or reading all these, I had to find out a way of expressing myself and Manu Chao provided the inspiration.

So, my contribution to today’s special day is a paraphrase of the opening lyrics of the famous song by Manu Chao:

“Welcome to Nicosia
Tequila, sexo y marihuana”

Sorry, it doesn’t rhyme.

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