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Reflecting on today’s London Marathon.

Απρίλιος 22, 2018

No, I do not have the calibre to ever run this iconic event. Best case scenario: to run a half marathon, provided that a lot of parameters are fine.

About five years ago I started monitoring my activities with a smart phone application. Today it says that over this period I have clocked up about 2500kms of running (plus another 1000 cycling and quick walking).

No great records either in distance or in time, but still I think that doing it, has made me a better man. Note that I started running around the age of 30, and since then I think that every year I am doing more kms than the previous year. I am running more as the years get less.

Better shape too, I dare say.

I have also met new people and made new friends. Overall, I have taken great advantage of running being a fashionable thing to do. During this time of the year there are races every week, somewhere on the island. This is unbelievable considering what was happening 10 years ago.

Not all of us will ever run a marathon, but in the meantime, just do it!



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  1. Απρίλιος 22, 2018 10:50

    Cool post

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  2. Απρίλιος 22, 2018 13:07

    Run, Yiannos, run!

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