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Vote #Cyprus @ #Eurovision2018

Μαΐου 11, 2018

Ok she is a lovely lady, she is doing her job well, dancing and singing, and, well, ….inspiring many.

Not my kind of music, not my kind of event, but this time it is different! We have a real chance of securing pole position (at the end).

The fun will only start then! I can imagine all sorts of exaggerations, meaningless rhetoric and over the top reactions, I can imagine endless discussions as to the organization of next year’s event as winners. All these will have no real effect on us or the country, and they will probably cost us a lot of money.

A collateral bonus though, will be the many pissed off nationalists and negators of an open, liberal society who do not feel particularly comfortable with the choice of the singer, the “foreign” style of music, the language, the sexy performance.

Nice management by able people away from ideologies and fear can turn boring reality into miracles. Let that happen in a song contest – if we do not have the right people to do it elsewhere.

I urge therefore all my friends outside Cyprus who are eligible to vote in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest to do so in favour of Eleni Foureira and Cyprus at number 25 (I think).

It is a dancing song they say. I am not quite sure, but in the meantime, if you want a song that is guaranteed to get everybody on the floor, try this older song:



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