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Ιουνίου 3, 2018

The forest rangers up on the crisp and clear peak of Tripylos were quite blunt, shattering my romantic take of wishing to be in the middle of a serious storm up in the mountains. Maybe hundreds of lightning bolts hit the area engaged with the storm and many trees die afterwards. Not all of them do, they said. It depends on how old the tree is, whether it is set on fire, whether the flow of liquids is terminated.

Just two days ago they were on patrol towards Pyrgos, the storm found them in a rarely used deep forest road and there and then, they saw everything: a lightning was hitting the trees every second, there was smoke, there was too much rain, there was light and sound. They were safe in their car though. Even if fatal amounts of electricity were actually running through the metal of their car, and through the tyres down to earth. It is called the Faraday cage – google it and learn something new.

The sky was getting ready for the day’s storm, but at the time it was still pleasant, the trees were as green as they could be, the earth and the rotting branches and trunks were giving out sometimes a pleasant smell, sometimes it was too heavy.

Well, the rotting trees were dead for a long time before they reached that stage. After all they say that trees die upright. And yes, many cedar and pine trees were proof of this, thunderstruck, most of them still upright, some of them ultimately lying on the ground and returning to their original constituent parts.

No worries. No forest ever died because the lightning hit. This has been going on for thousands of years. And in fact the physics or the specifics that can lead to the death of a tree are as ingenious as anything that nature’s laws stipulate. Older and drier trees are more likely to die, slowly making space for the difficult task of other, newer trees to grow, and take their position.

In nature it all seems too easy and too obvious. In other, man-made domains though, you can ask questions and yes, *question* the logic itself of some actions. And reach a wall. In plain humanish some actions are bloody stupid, way out of line and logic, and work like a lightning hitting a tree.

Causing so much damage that the issue itself, the issue at stake, cannot absorb.

In nature the rotting of trees is a natural process, it is a process of life regeneration.

In politics, for example, it is cheating, it is irresponsible, and it is way too much of a fraud.

And everything and everybody turns out thunderstruck. The dream, the process to the dream is so badly hit that cannot possibly make it to the end, and thunderstruck are you, yourself, trying to understand what went wrong, or how badly you were cheated.

And yes Mr President, you got it all right this time. This is not a
love song.


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